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Personalised Cookies to Order

Personalised Cookies to Order

The latest addition to the Bakealicious repertoire, these are the rising stars of the Bakealicious family!  The concept is amazingly simple: pick a shape, pick a colour, pick a message, and voilà, your personalised cookies are done!  You can also choose from a selection of standard designs.


Design and Pricing

There are a number of standard designs available, stamped onto round or heart-shaped cookies, which include ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Thank You’, ‘I love you’, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, ‘Happy Father’s Day’.  These standard cookies are £3 each, there is a minimum order of 6 and gift sets of 6 or 12 are available.  Special pricing applies to orders of 20 or more.

For personalised stamped orders, there are three shapes to choose from, round, heart and star.  They can all be stamped with the same bespoke message or you can have a unique, individual message on each one.  Prices start at £3 per cookie, depending on number of colours and different messages used, with a minimum order of 6.

I also offer a selection of gift sets based on themes such as New Baby, Love, Engagement, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Happy New Year, Space, 21st Birthday and so on.  

Please do contact me for more information on all the wonderful possibilities!


These deliciously cute cookies come in a standard soft vanilla flavour, but can be adapted on demand (other popular choices include ginger, nutmeg, lemon or almond).  


Special pricing applies to large bespoke corporate orders.  Cookies can be customised with your printed logo or hand stamped message.  They can also be individually wrapped.  
Please get in touch for more information.