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Custom Cakes to Order

Custom Cakes to Order

My cakes are entirely bespoke and made to order. I will collaborate with my clients, either by phone, email or whatsapp, to reach a clear understanding of the design and final look, a creative process which I deeply enjoy! 


Design and Pricing

Single tier cakes start from £75 but prices vary depending on the level of detail and amount of creative work involved.  For example, some bespoke designs will include handmade sugarpaste figures, or two or more tiers, whilst others will have a customised image printed on edible paper as their design focus.

Whatever the design choice, every cake is baked from scratch using quality ingredients from a range of trusted suppliers.


I don’t tend to offer dozens of different cake flavours because, through experience, my most popular cake flavours remain the perennial classics: chocolate, vanilla or red velvet.  

Buttercreams, however, can be jazzed up with the addition of a variety of flavours, for example, oreo cookies, lemon curd, real chocolate or fresh raspberry coulis.